History of Hill+Knowlton Strategies

The company‘s history started in 1927 when reporter, editor and writer John W. Hill established his own public relations company. His first clients were banks and USA industry companies.

When one bank which was one of his clients went out of business during the Great Depression, J.H. Hill invited bank’s public relations director Donald Knowlton to become a partner in his company. Company’s headquarters moved to New York in 1934, but the first division remained in Cleveland. John W. Hill was consolidating his influence in the market and Hill & Knowlton grew rapidly. In 1940 company attracted its first large-scale clients – the leaders of steel, airplanes production, oil mining and ships construction market.

The year 1952 is an exceptional date for Hill & Knowlton as it was then when it became the first USA public relations company which established its office in the Old World. This happened as a result of new enterprise possibilities created by European Economic Community. In 1987 company became a member of worldwide communication network WPP Group.
In 2010 Hill & Knowlton merged with Public Strategies, Inc. Its founder Mr Jack Martin was named global chairman and CEO of the newly combined firms. The partnership combines global expertise and world-class talent with strong financial services, public affairs, research and digital capabilities.
Today Hill+Knowlton Strategies consultants operate in 85 offices in 46 countries – in Europe, USA, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.