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20 October 2016 | Mūsų klientai
13 September 2016 | Mūsų klientai
Rūta has been in communications since 1998, responsible for Ministry of Defense communication. Working at the agency since 2013, she has been focusing on public sector’s communication inclu...
12 August 2016 | Team
8 August 2016 | Mūsų klientai
22 April 2016 | Mūsų klientai
The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness about thinking and planning for one’s future, as well as strengthen the image of SEB bank as a trusted advisor. To this end a 25-minute-long documentary drama Tomorrow Came Yesterday (TCY) was produced. Locally adjusted versions of the film with well-known experts were shown on major TV channels in 3 Baltic States. Campaign also consisted of TV trailers and media projects to promote the film, TV ads, radio podcasts, media projects, communication on social networks and digital solutions.
Survey showed that documentary drama encouraged people to think about their future and thus achieved its aim.
17 March 2016 | Darbų pavyzdžiai
26 February 2016 | Mūsų klientai
17 February 2016 | Mūsų klientai
5 February 2016 | Mūsų klientai
5 February 2016 | Mūsų klientai