24 August 2014
Every two years, when World and Europe Football Cups are taking place, restaurant chain McDonald‘s organizes an international program Player Escort, which gives an opportunity for children over the world to participate in championships’ matches escorting the best Europe and world football players. A child from Lithuania had a chance to go to the World Cup 2014 semi-finals in Brazil together with the young football fans from 68 countries. Cooperating with other agencies and Lithuanian football organizations VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies implemented a local competition of the international Player Escort program. 
21 August 2014
SEB  Bank – modern bank.
Login – annual tech conference which brings together those who are eager to try technological innovations and become their ambassadors in Lithuania.
„VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies“ communication agency contributed to conference by integrating SEB bank content into it.
16 July 2014
This summer traditional three-day shopping and entertainment celebration Shopping festival for the third time took place in SLC Panorama. Visitors were offered a lot of special discounts and offers from various shops. In addition to that, the main focus of the festival was endless buzz of Hollywood boulevard and its exclusive three-day program.
9 May 2014
“Obeliai” canola oil is a high quality food, rich in nutrients and suitable for baking. “VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies” communication consultants contributed to strengthening the brand and to encourage consumers to choose “Obeliai” canola oil for the Easter dishes.
16 March 2014
What promotes imagination and incites fantasy in the childhood? It is tales. They shape children's values, positive attitudes, helps to understand what kind of behaviour is appropriate and what is not. Latterly, the parents do not have enough time to read tales. Take this into consideration shopping centre Panorama organized several weekend events and invited to dive into the magical creation of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, while attempting to discover the nuances of sound and movement.
20 November 2013
„Obeliai” canola oil is a high quality product, suitable for baking. "Hill + Knowlton Strategies“ communication consultants contributed to increasing consumer confidence in this category of food product, by communicating that the fried food with canola oil corresponds the principles of balanced nutrition and is delicious.
13 October 2013
It is argued that the most joyful moments of childhood lasts a lifetime. Although Lithuanian celebrities did not play with LEGO blocks in their childhood but for their children building a record size LEGO figure of “Star Wars” hero Yoda at shopping and leisure mall „Panorama“ will remain memorable.
10 October 2013
The stay of Prince of Denmark Frederik in Lithuania included a visit at the shopping and leisure center PANORAMA. The visit coincided with the four-day series of events and entertainment “Danish days”.
15 September 2013
Running fever this year took over Lithuania – different running competitions and preparation for them seems to have been the hottest summer theme. Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon organized for the tenth time is the biggest running event in Lithuania, but the number of participants has never before reached scopes of other international marathons. Thus, the main communication campaign objectives were a record, twice bigger than previous year number of participants.
19 August 2013
Every bride finds it very important to find the perfect dress and makeup for her wedding day. In the beginning of summer, before the upcoming wedding season, cosmetics and perfume retail chain „Douglas“ revealed brides to the newest wedding trends and shared some beauty advice.
26 July 2013
In summer 2013 a traditional three-day shopping festival was held at shopping and leisure center “Panorama”. This festival traditionally carries a special mood and unusual events. “Shopping festival” gives a meaning to the summer sales campaign.
17 July 2013
In 2013 yogurt producer Danone renewed the marketing strategy of its brand Activia. VRP was asked to organize a campaign for the key target group – women, that would reflect the brand‘s new message – Activia helps maintain a suitable rhythm of life.
29 May 2013
Litgrid, the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator, maintains a stable operation of the national power system and is responsible for integrating the national power system into the European power infrastructure and electricity market. In order to ensure the company’s effectiveness and openness to society, in 2012-2013 Litgrid launched an internal change program, aiming to reinforce the dialogue culture and foster organizational values in the company. The challenge was to involve all the employees into this cultural transformation.
28 May 2013
Why would not make an ordinary event of new products presentation more interesting? In this case, an idea to organize birthday party and "do-everything yourself" was selected to present the latest Canon products for journalists and bloggers. There was also a snapshot survey taken on how Lithuanians organize and celebrate their birthdays.
15 May 2013
Team work always brings good results. Along with Hill + Knowlton Strategies colleagues in Latvia and Estonia we have helped the client LG Electronics to win first place in LG Electronics' worldwide home appliances contest.
9 May 2013
What kind of associations do you have then it comes to Scandinavian style? Generally this style symbolizes durability, precise designs and quality. Perhaps this is why every new Nordic brand presentation in Lithuania becomes a small sensation. Iittala is the classic products for interior and table decorations. The brand delivery to Lithuania had to combine home comfort, innovation and elegance. How did we do it?
4 April 2013
Approaching the new spring-summer season, people who care about fashion usually rush to the clothing stores to renew. At spring time in “Panorama“ has been opened 4 clothing stores: “Springfield“, “women'secret“, “Cortefiel“ and “Pedro Del Hierro“.
18 March 2013
In the spring of 2013 mobile operator Tele2 launched its 4G LTE services in five Lithuanian cities. To promote the high-speed mobile internet, 4G services were presented for the target audiences – media and local decision makers. Presentation was very successful due to maximum engagement of journalists and bloggers into the 4G testing.
18 March 2013
In the spring of 2013 mobile operator Tele2 launched its 4G LTE services in five Lithuanian cities. To promote the high-speed mobile internet, 4G services were presented for the target audiences – media and local decision makers. Presentation was very successful due to maximum engagement of journalists and bloggers into the 4G testing.
21 February 2013
It is important from time to time to change the environment in order not to come up with the routine. This method is suitable for events. For the third year in a row Fiskars gives presentation of garden tools collection which each is always unexpected and fun. This time guests were invited to a real garden – what place would be more suitable to talk about a mattocks and garden scissors?
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