17 March 2016

Integrated SEB bank campaign ‘Tomorrow Came Yesterday’

The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness about thinking and planning for one’s future, as well as strengthen the image of SEB bank as a trusted advisor. To this end a 25-minute-long documentary drama Tomorrow Came Yesterday (TCY) was produced. Locally adjusted versions of the film with well-known experts were shown on major TV channels in 3 Baltic States. Campaign also consisted of TV trailers and media projects to promote the film, TV ads, radio podcasts, media projects, communication on social networks and digital solutions.

Survey showed that documentary drama encouraged people to think about their future and thus achieved its aim.
Integrated SEB bank campaign ‘Tomorrow Came Yesterday’
Statistics show that citizens in the Baltic countries do not plan their future responsibly and have little financial knowledge. This results in poor financial planning, living from pay-day to pay-day and balancing on the verge of poverty. Moreover, the trust in banks decreases: people believe that banks pursue their own sales goals instead of caring for people‘s needs. Therefore, they do not value bank‘s financial advices.
To strengthen the image of SEB as a trusted advisor, it was decided to show the relevance of financial advice by initiating the topic about our future. The key message – people should start thinking about future and act today to make it better. Firstly, SEB employees were mobilized by showcasing the logic of the campaign. Then external activities commenced, emphasizing why it is important to think about the future.
Main communication activities included:
Presentation of the results of Readiness for Retirement Index (SEB-designed measurement) in the media.
Radio podcasts Tomorrow, after 30 years (LT): interviews with famous people on Žinių radijas, separate website to upload long versions of podcasts, content project with 15min.lt.
3 versions of documentary drama Tomorrow Came Yesterday produced featuring local experts for each of the Baltic country. Film was shown on major TV channels on prime time and promoted by trailers.
Documentary promo in Lithuania: integration in the LNK channel news by oldifying news presenter, articles in the media, oldifying pictures of LOGIN 2015 participants.
Interactive discussions with teenagers at schools using documentary drama material.
Articles, video and infographics to promote forward-thinking on SEB owned channels. 
According to representative survey, documentary drama encouraged the viewers to think about the future: 83 % (Lithuania), 70% (Latvia), 38% (Estonia) and to plan finances: 35% (Lithuania), 30% (Latvia), 54% (Estonia).
Ratings of the film were 5,8 GRP (Lithuania), 2,9 GRP (Latvia) and 2,4 GRP (Estonia). In general TV campaign (trailers, documentary, ads) reach was 75,2% (Lithuania), 76,1% (Latvia), 85,3% (Estonia) of all audience.
At least 10k listeners listened to each radio podcasts.
Readiness for Retirement Index communication in the media in Lithuania only reached more than 1,1 mm contacts.
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