13 January 2016

An exclusive critical illness insurance program “Sveikatometras“

Many people consider life insurance to be a perfect mean for accumulating finances for the future. However, how many of us think of risks of critical illnesses and financial reserves when they suddenly come? SEB Life Insurance company has set a goal to educate people about the importance of critical illnesses. “VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies” team implemented a joint project between the client and IMPULS Fitness Clubs – “Sveikatometras”.
An exclusive critical illness insurance program “Sveikatometras“
According to SEB Life Insurance data, the majority of residents usually choose cumulative life insurance or injuries insurance, however critical illness insurance still remains terra incognita.
Unfortunately, statistics show that a critical illness is a very common thing. As the data of Health Information Center of Hygienic Institute reveals, in 2014 among the most common death reasons were such circulatory system diseases as coronary heart disease or cerebrovascular disease as well as malignant tumors – diseases that are included into critical illness category.

Taking into account the fact that health and critical illness is a very sensitive topic for everybody, “VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies” has offered to look at the insurance in a new way – from the perspective of fitness and health prevention. We invited a leader in fitness clubs category IMPULS to join our project. Together we have implemented a program called “Sveikatometras”.  
The main goal of this program – to draw an attention of the physically active residents living in the big cities and to educate them about the critical illness prevention that includes both a healthy lifestyle and early diagnosis as well as the importance of critical illness insurance. On April, there were special teams of SEB Life Insurance specialists as well doctors and coaches working in the fitness clubs IMPULS located in 5 cities as well as in the departments of SEB Bank. The customers had a chance to get basic medical research for free, have a consultation along with the specialists on the topics of healthy lifestyle, health prevention and insurance possibilities.  
In collaboration with specialists, there was a special exclusive wish list of “Sveikatometras” created in both paper and electronic forms. This wish list includes the most necessary information about healthy lifestyle, health prevention, critical illnesses and the costs for a person in case of facing with such diseases.  
A long-term communication platform on the topics of insurance and critical illnesses was created in order to be developed in the future as well. During the events organized in 5 cities in Lithuania there were many people that decided to join this program: more than a half of the people who visited SEB bank or IMPULS fitness clubs during the events used the opportunity of health check and consultation with specialists.  
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