10 December 2015

“Coca-Cola” integrated communications campaign “Kiss happiness”

In 2015 “Coca-Cola” celebrated the 100th year anniversary of its iconic Contour bottle with international campaign “Kiss happiness”. “VRP Hill & Knowlton Strategies” team implemented an integrated communications campaign in the Baltics. We made a research about kissing habits of Baltic people and organized various local activities based on it. Activities included: 3D drawing in 3 Baltic capitals, personalized “Coca-Cola” bottles to celebrities, content project in delfi.lt, kissing flashmob, etc.
“Coca-Cola” integrated communications campaign “Kiss happiness”
The “Coca-Cola” company celebrated the 100th year anniversary of its iconic Contour bottle with a vast international communications campaign “Kiss happiness”. The implementation of this campaign required local solutions.
“VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies” formulated and implemented the following activities:
The presentation of “Kiss happiness” campaign at editorial office of Delfi.lt. Lithuanian Eurovision winners and faces of campaign Vaidas Baumila and Monika Linkyte performed live version of their Eurovision song “This time”.
A research about kissing habits of Baltic people performed in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Its results were later used in the content project at Delfi.lt. An election in the portal was announced “Which celebrity would you most like to kiss”, and Lithuanian kissing king and queen were selected.
A unique 3D painting realized in all Baltic states. When you stand near the painting, it seemed you were surfing the waves and you could send a kiss to a mermaid holding the “Coca-Cola” bottle. It was the first 3D action painting in Lithuania, which took almost a week to complete.
Personalized bottles with Lithuanian celebrities‘ pictures and note “Share a kiss with…” were custom made and delivered personally.
“Kissing flashmob”, marking the international kissing day was organized for the launch of interactive OOH.
Visit at Delfi.lt editorial office was published on their portal, shown on Delfi.tv and social media.
Delfi.lt content project received 62300 views in 2 weeks.
19 publications about 3D painting appeared in Lithuania. The painting with hashtag #KissHappiness spread across social media.
Celebrities photos with personalized bottles reached 635 471 followers, got 25 539 likes and 513 comments.
“Kissing flashmob” featured in over 12 publications and 2 video reports in major news portals and announced on 2nd biggest radio station “Lietus”.
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