23 October 2015

TV Show “Travel! Acknowledge! Share!”

Well-known Lithuanian travelers Martynas Starkus and Vytaras Radzevičius had been travelling throughout a variety of events held in different Lithuanian towns and expressing their impressions via TV show “Travel! Acknowledge! Share!” on channel “Lietuvos ryto TV”. The show was arranged implementing the campaign dedicated to promote events held in municipalities of Lithuania. The campaign was administrated by the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy.
TV Show “Travel! Acknowledge! Share!”
The State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy invited to implement the campaign dedicated to the promotion of events held within local municipalities and create a regular TV rubric presenting events organized in different towns of Lithuania all year long. There were 25 TV rubrics informing about  41 events held by different municipalities within Lithuania during the latter period of time, excluding the summer season. The aim of the campaign was to increase the notoriety of these events and promote local tourism and off-season traveling across Lithuania.


The well-known travelers Martynas Starkus and Vytaras Radzevičius were offered to become the ambassadors of the campaign. They travelled across Lithuania all year long attending different off-season evens held by different municipalities.

“We travel across the whole world, but most of all, we love spending our time in Lithuania. Here in Lithuania you can find these great forests, swift rivers, beautiful nature and the blue sky. There are so many events taking place in different towns that you sometimes do not even know about. So we were telling the audience of the TV rubric about these events while traveling across Lithuania”, - state M. Starkus and V. Radzevičius, the ambassadors of the campaign “Travel! Acknowledge! Share! All year long”.

The travelers tried out the activities offered during the events, interviewed the organizers and had a good time in different cities and small towns. The communication related to the campaign was realized via press (articles presenting events and announcing press layouts in the newspaper “Lietuvos rytas”), internet (banners in news sites, promotion of events in a specially designed web site, special rubric in the news site tv.lrytas.lt) and TV (TV announcements on “Lietuvos ryto TV”, weekly reportages from events on the TV show “The Reporter” (“Reporteris”)).

The campaign lasted a year. There were 25 TV shows “Travel! Acknowledge! Share! All year long” streamed during the latter period of time presenting more than 50 different evens all across Lithuania.

• 25 TV shows prepared and streamed during one year.
• The average TV show audience reach – 0,9%.
• More than 50 different events presented to the audience.
• Special website designed to permanently promote the off-season events held in different municipalities of Lithuania.
• The rubric created in the news site tv.lrytas.lt publishing the video records of the TV shows and other relevant information.
• The proclamation of the TV Show and the whole campaign via press and internet (promotional layouts, press releases, integration of the topics into other TV shows, spread of banners in the news sites tv.lrytas.lt and lrytas.lt).
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