1 July 2015

Campaign to foster respect for intellectual property ‘You’ve just been robbed’

VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies conducted the campaign ‘You’ve been just robbed’ to promote the legal use of intellectual property (IP). The campaign took 7 months – from November of 2014 till June of 2015.  It achieved the growth of 3 percent of Lithuanian inhabitants who use IP legally. On average, it takes a year to shift public opinion by 1- 2 percent.
Campaign to foster respect for intellectual property ‘You’ve just been robbed’
There is a vast problem of illegal use of intellectual property (IP) in Lithuania, especially in music and film industries. After conducting a public opinion survey at the end of 2014, its results showed that more than half of the Lithuanian population uses IP illegally.
The survey also revealed that only a fifth of the population recognizes that this is a theft.
The objective of the campaign – to increase the legal use of IP – was ambitious as the attitudes are generally inert and are changing slowly - only by 1-2 percent over one year.
The illegal use of IP is acceptable among the Lithuanian public because this behavior is not considered as a theft. This was the main insight for planning the campaign. Therefore, the key message of the campaign was that the illegal use of IP is a theft.
Message was communicated in two phases. The objective of the first phase was to shock, i.e., to simulate the theft of authorial content in places where that content is relevant: in cinemas before the beginning of film short videos named ‘The movie have just been stolen’ were shown, on national newspaper half-page layouts named ‘Article was stolen’ were published and the same inscriptions occurred on online articles, on national TV channel TV shows and films ‘disappeared’, radio station broadcasted ‘stolen’ and ‘damaged’ popular Lithuanian singer Andrius Mamontovas song, and content also ‘disappeared’ on one of the main news portals, also on the screens in public transport.     
The aim of the second phase was to explain that this kind of behavior is detrimental for authors and country in general: after conducting public opinion survey on the Lithuanians’ use of IP, a special press conference was organized, which attracted a lot of media. Moreover, various famous authors and experts were interviewed for articles and video reports on one of the TV channels and news portal www.lrytas.lt. The highlight of this stage was two videos in which famous song writer and singer Andrius Mamontovas instead of paying for his purchases at the shop and gas station simply applauded, inviting people to see this situation from the creator’s perspective, when he doesn't receive the reward of his work.
The 7-month campaign received a wide audience: video ‘Film was stolen’ was seen by 12 thousand cinema goers, information reached 242.8 thousand readers of the newspaper ‘Lietuvos rytas’ and 600 thousand visitors of online portal Lrytas.lt, 360 thousand TV viewers of Lietuvos rytas television, 600 thousand listeners of the radio station ‘Lietus’. Visibility of videos in public transport in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai reached 6 million times.
Videos with Andrius Mamontovas gained a lot of attention on social networks such as Facebook, Youtube – they were seen tens of thousands of times, attracted plenty of comments and shares.
Although changing public attitude is a complex and time-consuming process, but, according to the public opinion survey conducted by Spinter, the campaign achieved the following results: an increase by 3 percent among Lithuanian residents who use IP legally, strengthening the perception that illegal use of IP is a theft by 4 percent, although still justifying this kind of behavior, and decrease by 5 percent among who don't have opinion if illegal use of IP is a theft.  
Campaign was conducted under the program ‘Creative activities, copyright and related rights protection’,  developed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.
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