17 March 2015

Campaign “5 a day”

“VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies” implemented an integrated communication campaign for the promotion of consumption of fruits and vegetables grown in European Union. Global practice of “5 a day” was used for communication of Baltic Agriculture and Business association products in order to change people’s viewpoint and form positive eating habits. 
Campaign “5 a day”
The main objective set by the Association was to encourage Lithuanian people to eat more fruits and vegetables, inform them about the high quality of the fruits and vegetables grown in European Union, the standards of their cultivation and transportation, control and benefits, and also to encourage consumers to choose products grown in the European Union.
In order to achieve a long-term communication goal to change Lithuanian’s eating habits a global “5 a day” practice, which wasn’t popular in Lithuania, was invoked. Communication solution was to use positive and non-didactic tone, attractive content and visuals and demonstrate the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables: it is delicious, easy to prepare, healthy and popular. Eating at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day must become the right habit.
Campaign included a wide 360° palette of actions:
The topic was developed in news portals and press via publications of well-known culinary specialists, dietitians and other specialists. Informative messages and competitions were also put in own digital media channels - social networks, for example, Facebook.
Active advertising campaign in TV and radio. Two positive videos for TV were produced. One of them involved a famous actor Giedrius Savickas. Campaign was also integrated into a family TV show “Family is cool”, in which famous families cooked fruit and vegetable dishes for culinary rubric. Considerable public attention was drawn by radio games and shows.
Unconventional BTL actions and direct contact were used in fairs, tastings and special “5 a day” programs for children.
The message “5 a day” became a clearly recognizable ongoing campaign symbol from August 2014. Useful tips on how to include more fruits and vegetables into your diet attracted the attention of consumers in TV videos, as well as on social media and other channels. 
The project received good evaluations from customers and partners. The message about „5 a day” was widely disseminated in different media channels: TV commercial was seen by 1,6 million Lithuanian population, TV integration was seen by 1,37 million viewers.  Radio broadcasts were heard by 205 thousand listeners, games – 733 thousand listeners. The reach of videos was 6,78 million. The press articles were read by 540 thousand readers. 
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