10 February 2015

"Litgrid" public education campaign about electromagnetic field "Safe Network"

VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies won the tender to set up a public education campaign about power transmission lines and electromagnetic fields. This campaign was ordered by transmission system operator "Litgrid". The created means of communications let to explain the complicated issues in a simple and attractive way.
"Litgrid" public education campaign about electromagnetic field "Safe Network"
Electricity transmission system operator "Litgrid" supervises high-voltage transmission lines in Lithuania. As all electrical equipment, including home appliances, transmission system creates an electromagnetic field. It is important that during the construction of new transmission lines the inhabitants receive reliable information about the changes and their impact on the environment. That is why “Litgrid” decided to fully inform public by organizing a major information campaign for which the agency has been selected by public procurement.
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies offered to execute the campaign by combining reactive and proactive communication tools. The reactive part was aimed at the citizens who were looking for extra knowledge about electromagnetic fields. Specific comprehensive, accessible and long-lasting information was prepared for them.
On the other hand, a pro-active strategy was developed for the areas where new lines are being built. Specific communication tools were created and a dialogue has begun between residents and local experts. The aim of the information dispersion was to raise general awareness of the population on this topic.
Series of seminars “Power lines – what is worth knowing for the inhabitants?” was implemented in order to establish a direct dialogue with the target audiences. They were held in collaboration with the scientists of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Besides, having the goal that the specialists would provide the correct information for the inhabitants, the forum of public health professionals was organized. It allowed them to receive a concentrated and professional information about any possible questions.
A new rubric “Electromagnetic fields” was created on the company’s website. Here a map measuring a radiation of the transmission lines was included for the first time. In the collaboration with scientists, short educational texts were also prepared, as well as a film and infographics aimed to wide audience.
The implemented campaign proceeded the consistent efforts of "Litgrid" to provide an objective and relevant information about its activities. In addition, the new communication tools were designed for a long-term use and they will be adapted for new company's dialogue regarding other public initiatives. 
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