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Public Sector

Growing public spirit and organization of communities encouraged to start a more active dialog between the state, social institutions and general public. Since Lithuania became a member of the EU it had to absorb European social communication traditions and the need for this type of services has been constantly increasing. At the same time the private sector is becoming an activity field for large companies and investment.

Responsible state institutions, companies and social organizations create relationships with the community and in this way reach beneficial goals for the whole society. Cooperation of social responsible state institutions, companies and social organizations encourages reaching beneficial goals of community and clients. Partnership and mutual values are the main principles which we apply when providing communication services for the actors of the public sector. 

Services and consultations: 
  • Relations with state institutions,
  • Publicity of EU projects,
  • Relations with NGO’s,
  • Relations with lobby,
  • Social information campaigns,
  • Consultations for the public relations departments of state institutions.