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Digital Communication

The growing importance of technologies increases the need to use them effectively in communication. Therefore, when introducing advanced innovations, it is important not only to convey the message in a suitable manner, but also to choose means that meet modern tendencies.

How to create a supporting social group in the Internet? What is viral communication in Youtube, how do Facebook, Twitter and other popular communication channels work? How to involve people in discussions and secure their support? Finally, what is the best way to get people interested in your company – through an innovative presentation, advertisement or an interesting game?

Our digital communication team consists of experienced specialists who are constantly expanding their competences. Our strengths – experience and openness to novelties, knowledge of the market and team work – help generate effective and creative solutions. Moreover, our strength lies in constant search for new ways of communication and strong relationship with traditional and modern media.

Services and consultations:
  • Strategic and tactical planning of digital communication,
  • Creation and maintenance of a digital dialogue,
  • Corporate and Marketing Communication on the Internet,
  • Prevention and management of digital crises.