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Crisis Prevention

Crises are incidents that threaten the future of organization. Crises create the risk not to be able to continue normal activities, lose good reputation, clients' trust, and employees’ loyalty, as well as worsen financial results.

Companies that are prepared for possible crises, have better perspectives not to suffer from big financial loss and save their good reputation. Crisis prevention will identify potential risks, help create initiative and reactive complex of actions, identify procedures which would lessen the impact of the crisis. Every crisis case demands unique insights, special decisions and crisis management experience. 

Even the biggest business' challenges can be controlled and even provide the opportunity to strengthen the reputation of the company and help successfully continue its activities.

 In order to deal with crises successfully professional situation analysis, expeditious planning, constant consultations with crisis specialists are vital. During the crisis organization has to decide about its priorities and be ready to have an open communication. Communication consultants will help properly formulate the message, choose the right speakers and assure that the general public will hear the organization’s position.

Services and consultations: 
  • Crisis prevention program,
  • Crisis management consultations,
  • Crisis management planning,
  • Work in the crisis management team,
  • Communication with media in case of crisis,
  • Post-crisis communication.