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The presentation of the Nestea Aloe and Strawberries ice tea (2010)

VRP | Hill & Knowlton was brought to the task of presenting a new green ice tea drink Nestea with Aloe and Strawberries.
The presentation of the Nestea Aloe and Strawberries ice tea (2010)


The main challenge of the project was drawing the attention of the media, which is sceptically-spirited towards marketing information, to the new product; it was also promoting a product in a non-traditional way that would attract journalists, and organising a contest on internet.


Advertorials and other marketing measures do not bring the full credit to the product and do not reveal all of its good features. A press conference or a plain presentation of a drink in a form of degustation does not attract media’s attention as it is actually considered advertising. VRP | Hill & Knowlton offered a client to promote the product using non traditional format; aloe and green tea referring to the Eastern culture, harmony, healthy way of life, we have offered to organise some added-value events for lifestyle and health care journalists – aside the brief presentation of the drink, they were invited to exercise in a yoga class.


VRP | Hill & Knowlton offered not only to organize a yoga training, guided by a famous yoga master Jocke Salokorpi from Finland in the yoga centre Shanti, but also a readers’ contest Share your tricks for fighting stress? in two popular women internet portals.

Creativity and experience in marketing projects, a close knowledge of lifestyle and health care media ensured a smooth course of the project, as well as experience in cooperating with the specialized internet portals.


Journalists from health care and lifestyle media attended the event. There were several hundred participants competing in the reader’s contest. More than 15 publications were published in the media.