19 November 2014

Social media communication campaign "Like'able Lithuania"

Campaign “Like‘able Lithuania“was a unique project in which the state authority started making inroads into social networks for the first time. This campaign was designed to show that Lithuania is full of possibilities, interesting places and activities, so each visitor will find what to LIKE there. The selected concept introduced Lithuania in a new way which was never used in the public before. In a year the campaign achieved its goal – the number of interactions in social media (likes, shares, comments, usage of applications, etc.) reached more than 1 million. 
Social media communication campaign "Like'able Lithuania"
State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy decided to buy a communication and marketing campaign for Lithuanian tourism promotion in social networks. The aim was to present Lithuanian tourism possibilities, create positive image of Lithuania, invite foreign tourists and promote local tourism in Lithuania. The main goals was to reach 1 million interactions in social media and to create positive image of Lithuania as an attractive country for tourists.
There was chosen an unusual way for state authority to speak with target audiences – all the communication was set in social media.  The main focus was given to interactive applications and visualization of information. Each day of the year thematic posts were prepared and systematically published in five social networks (“Facebook”, “Youtube”, “vKontakte”, “Google+”, “Twitter”). Daily posts allowed to reveal likeable things and places in Lithuania.
The communication tone for the campaign was set by social networks – messages were short and snappy. This encouraged users to comment, share and hit the “like” button. Posts in social media were made in three languages: Lithuanian, English and Russian. 
During the campaign there were launched five applications that allowed users to create content about Lithuania by themselves. Users were able to add photos from Lithuania through Instagram, invite friends, send real postcards all over the world for free, and leave their comments about Lithuania.
Moreover, there were made 10 videos about Lithuania (biggest cities, touristic places, Lithuanian cuisine, souvenirs, etc.), and three press conferences took place during one year. 
Information for the media was distributed in 6 languages (Lithuanian, English, German, Russian, Latvian and Polish) according to campaign’s target countries.
“Like'able Lithuania” campaign was implemented together with the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy and digital communications agency “The Chocolate”. 
  • 1 005 807 interactions (likes, shares, comments, etc.) in social networks in a year;
  • Over 40,000 users of five newly created applications
  • The implementation and results of the campaign was a positive example for other institutions how to communicate with audiences in social media.
  • Campaign “Like'able Lithuania” was announced as “The best online advertising campaign in Public Sector" (Lithuanian internet awards “Login 2014”).
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