12 December 2014

Social media campaign for youth during European Parliament elections

In 2014 VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies together with European Parliament Information Office in Lithuania prepared and implemented social media communication campaign for youth. The main goal was to invite youth to participate in 2014 European Parliament elections.
Social media campaign for youth during European Parliament elections
Only 12 % of young people (18-24 year old) in Lithuania took part in European Parliament elections in 2009. European Parliament Information Office in Lithuania took an active role in communication with young people introducing them to European Parliament and its functions. Our task was to encourage youngsters to participate in the 2014 European Parliament elections while finding a way how to reach them in the most attractive ways.
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies offered to speak with youth through social media. In cooperation with other youth organizations and campaigns (“Man ne dzin”, “Žinau, ką renku“, etc.) there was prepared a joint slogan for these elections – “ES karta sprendžia pati“ (Eng. EU generation decides by itself). During the campaign VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies ensured daily communication in Facebook, created to Facebook applications (games) and 8 videos presenting candidates for European Parliament.
As also there was prepared interactive presentation of European Parliament and its functions and visual infographic with tips and tricks how to vote in the elections. One part of the campaign was also radio projects in two radio stations where European Parliament and its role was presented.
As a separate campaign there was implemented a viral campaign “Mano pirmas kartas”(Eng. “My first time”) consisting of 12 videos with Facebook celebrities and public figures popular among young people. In these videos people talked about their experience and feelings they got during their “first times”. Each video clip has been viewed an average of 27.000 young people.
Daily communication with youth in social media contributed to the active participation of young people in 2014 European Parliament elections. Even 44 % of young people from Lithuania came to the elections in May 2014 (comparing with 2009, then the same number reached only 12 %).
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