26 July 2013

Shopping Festival at “Panorama“ in the Rhythm of Brazilian Samba

In summer 2013 a traditional three-day shopping festival was held at shopping and leisure center “Panorama”. This festival traditionally carries a special mood and unusual events. “Shopping festival” gives a meaning to the summer sales campaign.
Shopping Festival at “Panorama“ in the Rhythm of Brazilian Samba
„Shopping festival“  is the campaign which provides exclusive discounts for visitors. How to attract the flow of visitors with additional measures to the three-day shopping festival and interest lifestyle media?

“Shopping festival”, which provides special discounts for visitors, was brightened by a three-day entertainment program in the mood of Brazilian samba.  During the festival charming Brazilian music sounded, visitors were entertained with Brazilian martial arts performances, beauty workshops, exotic cocktails tournaments, circus performances and carnival samba dances, which was performed by the dance theater “Rokada”. The culmination of the event was a concert by Jurgis Didžiulis who was complemented with Vytenis Zagorskis 3D projections.
The main highlight of the festival was a record size Brazilian flag of flowers and fruits created by a famous Lithuanian model and florist Renata Mikailionytė.

The event was covered in the 12 publications in internet portals.
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