21 August 2014

SEB Bank in LOGIN 2014 Conference

SEB  Bank – modern bank.

Login – annual tech conference which brings together those who are eager to try technological innovations and become their ambassadors in Lithuania.

„VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies“ communication agency contributed to conference by integrating SEB bank content into it.
SEB Bank in LOGIN 2014 Conference
In 2014 SEB bank made innovative and brave decision. For the very first time bank involved its clients into creation of the new online banking system. During testing, clients could suggest their ideas, how to make a system better.  Result of this collaboration was an innovative responsive design online bank system, adapted to different user devices.

The objective set to the agency – to present updated online bank to all its clients, as well as the experts of innovations and technologies. With this move to encourage people to take care of their daily financial operations using mobile devices.

SEB Bank in LOGIN Conference featured as an innovative progress-oriented bank: 
- Specially for the conference prepared presentation called “Darwin’s theory in e. Banking“ given by  SEB member of the board, Jonas Gudmundsson on the main tech conference stage. He was talking about the evolution of e. banking, how the bank was changing and became what it is today.
- Using specially for the conference created interactive board, the easiness of use and the possibilities of mobile signature were presented. With the collaboration of “Omnitel“ services can be ordered for free.
- All participants were involved. During the conference they could comment live on the benefits of mobile signature and their comments and photos ended up on the special screens in LOGIN conference as well as on SEB Lithuania Facebook profile.

- News about SEB bank’s participation in LOGIN conference was widely spread through social media – SEB Lithuania Facebook account (more than 21 thousand fans), LOGIN conference account (more than 14 thousand), “Omnitel“ (more than 88 thousand).
- During Login more than 3.5 thousand participants audience was reached - another 2 thousand viewers watched it live online.
- 97 free SIM cards with mobile signature were given away.
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