24 August 2014

Player Escort

Every two years, when World and Europe Football Cups are taking place, restaurant chain McDonald‘s organizes an international program Player Escort, which gives an opportunity for children over the world to participate in championships’ matches escorting the best Europe and world football players. A child from Lithuania had a chance to go to the World Cup 2014 semi-finals in Brazil together with the young football fans from 68 countries. Cooperating with other agencies and Lithuanian football organizations VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies implemented a local competition of the international Player Escort program. 
Player Escort
During the World Football Cup 2014 international restaurant chain McDonald‘s implemented a world-wide campaign Player Escort, the aim of which was to encourage active and sensible children leisure by providing an opportunity for children around the world to go to World Cup 2014 matches and escort a player to the stadium. Such an opportunity was also provided for one child from Lithuania. So, it was needed to offer and implement a local children competition, which the winner was announced by.
While implementing the campaign it was offered to organize a several rounds competition in cooperation with Lithuanian football organizations and children football schools.
During the first round of the competition, there was a special Player Escort website created for all participants to sign in. During this round information about the campaign was also published at all the McDonald’s restaurants and main football schools in Lithuania.
There was a final event at Lithuanian Football Federation Stadium in Vilnius, organized during the second round. Children together with their parents from all over the country competed by performing special football tasks, arranged by football school Ekranas and Vilnius Sunday Football League, until the winner to go to World Cup 2014 in Brazil was announced.
More than 100 children from all over Lithuania competed in the final event. There were more than 50 publications in media about the McDonald’s campaign and winner’s trip to Brazil during the period of the campaign. 
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