20 August 2012

Pildyk friends’ festival 2012

In the summer of 2012, Tele2 sponsored Pildyk friends’ festival, which has attracted lots of attention because of famous Lithuanian and foreign groups – Gus Gus and Hurts. In collaboration with United Agencies group such as Experimental and The Chocolate we prepared the festivals communication plan. The main aim was to increase the notoriety of Pildyk brand with help of traditional also unusual media channels.
Pildyk friends’ festival 2012
Telecommunications company Tele2 Lithuania in summer of 2012 sponsored summer festival named Pildyk Draugų Festivalis. In addition to the most famous Lithuanian artists such as Mantas and G&G Sindikatas, popular foreign groups Hurts and Gus Gus performed as well. VRP | Hill & Knowlton team's goal was to increase Pildyk brand awareness.

As the concert was aimed at the younger audience (16-25 years) not only traditional, but also social media channels were chosen for communication campaign for Pildyk brand:
  • Pildyk Facebook account (123 thousand likes) was regularly updated with the information about upcoming concert;
  • Photos and impressions were posted live from the concert on Facebook account;
  • Two "Tele2" blog posts were aimed to describe concert and playful “Pildyk” installation (which took place during event);
  • Before the concert competitions were organized;
  • Video reportage covered both concert and Pildyk friends (Pildyk advertising campaign characters) meeting with Gus Gus and Hurts;
  • Video footage after the event was sent to news portals’ televisions.The festival communication campaign was organized in collaboration with other "UA" (United Agencies) agencies - "Experiential Communications" and "The Chocolate".
In addition to the communication carried out by the concert organizers, VRP | H&K work has generated 30 publications. News feed on Pildyk Facebook account involved many fans through liking, sharing and commenting. Video and Photo coverage of the festival was announced by news portals’ Delfi.lt, Lrytas.lt Internet TV and other major news portals.
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