22 September 2014

Pedal for health! with Impuls

Pedal for health! – with this slogan sports and fitness clubs network Impuls addressed to Vilnius business community suggesting to start working... healthier. For two months companies’ employees had the opportunity to exercise on cardio bikes during the breaks and win a special prize – a full year Impuls sports club membership.
Pedal for health! with Impuls
Physical activity of office workers is very low, and that can be a reason of decrease in productivity and health problems. According to the data of Impuls survey in Lithuania, only one of four employees is promoted by his employer to get involved into sports and be more physically active. VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies task was to encourage companies to take care of their employees’ physical condition.
Business companies were invited to wellness competition Pedal for health!, where the teams competed in exercising on special cardio bikes. Each of the participating companies got two ultra-modern Impuls cardio bikes, and used it for 5 working days. Regardless whether a person was a professional exerciser or just wanted to have a break – office workers united their strengths and spent free time on cardio bikes. All the cycled kilometers were recorded and at the end of the week the overall score of every team was counted. Teams that reached the highest score won Pedal for health! cups and special Impuls prizes.
The competition involved many companies of Vilnius – 28 different business companies participated and about 60 more showed the interest to participate.
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