9 May 2014

Lithuanian noblemen cuisine returns with “Obeliai” canola oil

“Obeliai” canola oil is a high quality food, rich in nutrients and suitable for baking. “VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies” communication consultants contributed to strengthening the brand and to encourage consumers to choose “Obeliai” canola oil for the Easter dishes.
Lithuanian noblemen cuisine returns with “Obeliai” canola oil
Before the holidays, most housewives seek for new recipes that include baking dishes as they are tastier. However, most of the recipes are from other countries or regions cuisine. Therefore most of the recipes from abroad include the products are not originally from Lithuania, and sometimes they are not used correctly, such as baking with extra virgin oil instead of special canola oil for frying, for example.

„VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies“ communication consultants implemented the campaign „ Lithuanian noblemen kitchen returns with „Obeliai“ canola oil”. Consumers were invited to enrich the Easter table with the Lithuanian nobility recipes, and in accordance with the advice of the nutritionists, they were inspired to use “Obeliai” canola oil instead of fat. 
The campaign included the following tools: the interview with noble cuisine specialist historian R.Laužikas was developed, video recipes for the specialized portal and the noble recipes contest.
All the communication messages included that Lithuanian cuisine was developed by noblemen but not peasants, and today we should return back to the origins of our cuisine following the recommendations of the nutritionists to change fat with canola oil. 

„VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies“ communication consultants developed the information material that was covered in 126 publications. 70 participants sent their recipes for the contest.
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