4 November 2014

Lithuanian journalist got the taste of Discovery channel show ‘Tethered’

Discovery Channel, one of the most popular paid TV channels in the world, invited several journalists from all over the world to the promotion of the new series of a popular show ‘Tethered’ in London. Media representatives had the opportunity to experience what every participant of the show had to go through – to be tethered together with a stranger and complete various tasks. The aim was to reveal the uniqueness of this reality show ­– in order to survive under the extreme conditions together, physical strength is not enough, one has to overcome psychological barriers too.

VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies offered Vidmantas Balkūnas, one of the most prominent Lithuanian photo journalists, to participate in this adventure.  Challenge is not just a word for Vidmantas, he lives to experience them. During his career as a photo journalist, he reported from many hot spots, even during wartime. Therefore, he willingly accepted the invitation to participate in the promotion of ‘Tethered’ organized by Discovery Channel.
Lithuanian journalist got the taste of Discovery channel show ‘Tethered’
Discovery Channel started to broadcast the new series of the popular reality show ‘Tethered’ in October 2014. In each episode of this project two strangers, tied together with almost two-meter long chain, had to survive extreme conditions in the wild nature. By inviting the journalists to participate in the promotion of this show, TV channel sought to convey the spirit of the survival show and increase its viewership in various countries, as well as in Lithuania.
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies team have proposed the opportunity to participate in the promotion of the upcoming series of ‘Tethered’ to several journalists. One of them was Vidmantas Balkūnas – a prominent Lithuanian photojournalist who made reports from many exciting places, such as the North Pole. TV channel decided to invite Vidmantas because his works represent values of Discovery Channel – courage, determination, innovativeness and passion for adventures.
Discovery Channel has arranged a one day simulation in London, during which journalists were divided into pairs and tethered together with chains. Led by the British Special Forces, the pairs had to accomplish various tasks, including setting a fire, climbing over barriers and jumping over a stream. Although from the first sight the exercises were not physically hard, the biggest challenge was to complete them as a team, just like the participants of ‘Tethered’ did.
Vidmantas Balkūnas, who is used to extreme situations, did not need a lot of physical strength to accomplish the tasks. However, as he revealed, the most difficult was the psychological aspect – to overcome challenges together with a partner.
  • Vidmantas Balkūnas’ article on his experience and the new series of ‘Tethered’ was published in TV Antena, a weekly TV guide of popular newspaper ‘Lietuvos rytas’.
  • The article also appeared on www.lrytas.lt, the third biggest news portal in Lithuania.
  • Journalist shared his adventures from the promotion of the show organized by Discovery Channel on his personal Facebook account.   
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