12 September 2012

Life Sciences Baltics 2012

The first and largest international life sciences forum is organized in Lithuania. It consists of a 3 day conference, a unique business partnership event, and an international exhibition of the Baltics’ life sciences potential.
Life Sciences Baltics 2012
There are less than 4 months for not only the preparation for the unprecedented 3 day event in Vilnius but also to attract an ambitious number of 400 local and foreign participants, interest foreign journalists in coming to the Forum and covering Lithuanian life sciences progress and potential, to stimulate local media to take active interest in the exceptional event, and create closer dialogue between science and business, and science and politics, on an international level.

A broad spectrum of tools, not limited by just traditional media relations, is chosen for the Forum‘s communication. Significant attention is paid to communication on social networks; relations are established with media editorials abroad.

Over 700 participants instead of the initially expected 400. Journalists from Germany, USA, and the neighbouring Baltic States, as well as representatives of 16 Lithuanian media channels were present and covered the event. Over 130 local publications, TV and radio reports appeared before, during, and after the Forum, of which 22 were individually initiated topics. 5 additional publications presenting the Forum, and Lithuania and its biotechnology, medicine, and life science potential on an international level. The accomplished results and exclusive event image will make it possible to communicate the Forum even more effectively in the future.
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