25 September 2012

Launch of the new TRX functional workouts in the health club chain Impuls

Sports & health club chain Impuls has extended its sports activities program with new TRX functional workouts, during which special TRX belts are used. During the launch event Lithuanian sports and entertainment celebrities demonstrated and tried out the new workouts; they also had a chance to participate in the unique auction of celebrities’ belts.
Launch of the new TRX functional workouts in the health club chain Impuls
Sports & health club chain Impuls has introduced the new TRX functional workouts, which are done with the special TRX belts. The task for the Agency was to introduce this innovative workout with its advantages to the media, the members of the Club, and the broader public.

The Agency suggested introducing the TRX functional workouts by using the motif of an everyday accessory – belt – in its communication. Belt motif was also used in an advertising campaign of the new workouts. This way it was pursued for integrity between different parts of communication.
The idea proposed by the Agency was to organize the auction of celebrities’ belts and improvised workout with Lithuanian show stars for the lifestyle media and the most loyal members of the Club. The main message of the launch event – “when you use TRX belts, your older belt won’t fit anymore”.
The Agency invited celebrities for a noble cause – charity fundraising auction, where they could donate in a form of giving away their belts. With the money raised a sports equipment was bought for children’s care home.
There was an improvised warm up with the TRX belts system organized during the event. The exercises were demonstrated by the pop group “ŠarkA“members, other guests of the event had joined them afterwards.

22 publications appeared in the internet and printed media of prime importance after the event. In all of them activities with the new TRX belts were described, as well as Impuls brand.
With the money raised sports equipment was bought for Šaltinis primary school students – almost 80 different items for the value of more than 1500 Litas. 
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