13 October 2013

LEGO Record in the Shopping and Leisure Center “Panorama”

It is argued that the most joyful moments of childhood lasts a lifetime. Although Lithuanian celebrities did not play with LEGO blocks in their childhood but for their children building a record size LEGO figure of “Star Wars” hero Yoda at shopping and leisure mall „Panorama“ will remain memorable.
LEGO Record in the Shopping and Leisure Center “Panorama”
In October 2013 a four-day LEGO festival took place at shopping and leisure center “Panorama”. LEGO blocks, which conquered the hearts of children, had to become a record-breaking figure. The task for the agency was to attract and invite lifestyle media.

Parents and their children were invited to join the figure construction of LEGO bricks, and thus contribute to the record. Although the event presented various games, contests, puzzles, surprises and gifts for children, however the most impressive was the final moment of the event. On the last day of construction all the participants made a 2 meters high Yoda.

The event received broad coverage in the lifestyle media. 16 publications appeared in lifestyle section of the internet portals.
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