9 January 2015

“Just Write It!” VRP creative writing training

When we sat down to write about one of our agency’s training programs we did not experience the fear of “a blank paper”. That’s because we already knew how to overcome it. Moreover, we are ready to share this knowledge and help awaken a real writer in you!  Well, at the very least a specialist able to transform his or hers not necessarily consistent thoughts into a coherent and clear text for public communication.  
“Just Write It!” VRP creative writing training
Structure and methods
This is the purpose of the creative training “Just Write It!”. The program is made from two main parts – in the first one you are going to learn about creative thinking and writing methods that help to draw inspiration, ideas, to overcome the fear of a blank sheet, and release your creative powers. In the second part you will dig into public communication text requirements, structure, style and vocabulary. Participants will see the created text from the communication strategies perspective, learn to plan the creative process and develop abilities to work with textual material: collect and analyze information, edit and properly layout the text.
A large part of the training consists of practical tasks: writing and editing, analyzing and discussing text of different length and purpose. Thus we seek to expand the knowledge of our participants and to develop practical skills in creative writing, also to disclose the creative potential and inspire people with confidence to write. We want you to learn how to create quality texts and contribute to the organization or company’s public communication and marketing.
Participants, duration, and other important information
The training is designed for the spokespeople and representatives of companies and organizations responsible for public relations and media, marketing or customer service. Actually, for anyone preparing texts and communicating in writing. We learn in small groups up to 5 participants because we seek to give our full attention to each participant individually.
The total duration of the program is about 9 hours. Thus, the training is organized in form of two and a half day seminars.
The trainers are VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ specialists Aidas Puklevičius (creative director) and Balys Narbutas (communication consultant and leader of creative projects and trainings).
What do the participants say?
How this program is beneficial to the organization and the participants? Better check with themselves. Especially since the participants of the recent training were inspired to write some beautiful and meaningful responses.
SEB Bank Director of Marketing Department Liudas Rimkus: “This training left a wonderful impression of a combination of theoretical knowledge and practice. When I had a short period of time to make a good creative text, only then I understood that not only it is a very serious challenge but that it was a pregnable challenge too.”
SEB Bank CRM Manager Aistė Baublienė: “Each year we communicate with a million customers, we send millions of messages: from reminders, helpful tips and suggestions to requests for documents and arrivals to the bank. That’s why it is particularly important to clearly and accurately convey the message to each customer and to encourage them to act.
We returned from this training with a desire to review and improve all the letters we sent to our clients. Hence the training is truly useful. After a month, we still discuss and apply the proposed tactics. No fear of a blank paper or short terms exists when you know how to deal with it. I would recommend this training for all those who have to talk to customers, partners and colleagues in writing, whether it is a mesmerizing offer or important information.  

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