Get the feel of it of Lietuvos draudimas, executed by VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies, was evaluated as one of the best projects in appropriate categories in Baltic states and Europe." />
8 December 2014

Integrated home insurance campaign “Get the feel of it”

Integrated home insurance communication campaign Get the feel of it of Lietuvos draudimas, executed by VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies, was evaluated as one of the best projects in appropriate categories in Baltic states and Europe.
Integrated home insurance campaign “Get the feel of it”
According to the data of post-campaign research, the campaign reached 33% of the target audience and 47% said it made them to consider home safety issue. In two months the campaign reached two main targets set with the client Lietuvos draudimas: the consideration of low-considered category of home insurance has been raised by 3% and home insecurity feeling – by 8%. Furthermore, the premiums written comparing to the month previous to the campaign launch has increased by 7.6% or 21.6 % comparing with the same period last year.
Problem – low interest for property insurance category in Lithuania. Main reason detected while analysing the data was cliché in people’s minds: “My home is safe” (because I don’t possess anything of value, because I’m well protected by my neighbours and other reasoning), which (as was indicated by various studies) are myths.
With Lietuvos draudimas, two key performance indicators were set in order to make changes in people’s attitude towards homes insurance:
  1. 1st KPI: “My home is safe” – to decrease this perception by 5 %. 
  2. 2nd KPI: “I’m considering home insurance” – increase intention by 4 %. 
  3. The goals were ambitious as normally perceptions change very slowly – about 1-2 % per year.
The main communication insight: people don’t think about the safety of their home until they don’t suffer damage or losses. Therefore, the strategic path was to simulate self-experience showing what makes property vulnerable and what damages can cause specific risks. Implementation of integrated content marketing campaign “Get the feel of it” included elements of gamification, interaction and self-experience.
The campaign took nearly 2 months with 8 actions implemented as an integral part of it, including 3D installation simulating the theft in the centre of Vilnius, app in Facebook, the game on the popular national radio station and interactive exposition of an apartment at the shopping centre (the exposition had the same idea as the app), creative integration of information into the most popular series on TV, comments from the experts and other communication. 
The goal of all of them was to tell the key message, showing that there’s no safe property, it’s only a matter of time for a thief to enter a home and every home has some valuables (statements supported with 300 thieves’ research made in jail about home safety). Also we wanted to deny the cliché that people don’t have any valuables, showing that in any home there are expensive things. The main attention was paid to the category communication (often without a brand logo), while the connection with the brand was ensured through the advertising campaign, which took place at the same time.
  • Satisfied client and impact on business growth
  • About 33% of the target audience was reached with at least one of the campaign actions
  • 53% of people in major cities noticed the topic about the property safety and its risks 
  • 47% of the target audience expressed serious concern about property safety
  • 1st KPI: “My home is safe” was reached and exceled:  8% decrease (evaluated as “excellent”)
  • 2nd KPI: Consideration to insure the home increased by 3% (evaluated as “good”). 
  • In 2 months, premiums written grew by 7.6% or 21.5% compared to the same period last year
  • Over 7 million contacts with the name of the client mentioned and even more 8.6 million on related topics have been reached in total
  • 5% increase in number of people who insured their property (from target audience)
Information was used from TNS post-campaign research and Lietuvos draudimas data.
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