20 November 2013

Healthy and tasty baking with Obeliai canola oil

„Obeliai” canola oil is a high quality product, suitable for baking. "Hill + Knowlton Strategies“ communication consultants contributed to increasing consumer confidence in this category of food product, by communicating that the fried food with canola oil corresponds the principles of balanced nutrition and is delicious.
Healthy and tasty baking with Obeliai canola oil
“Obeliai“ canola oil for frying is made from Lithuanian and genetically unmodified canola. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and having a high ignition temperature, this oil is not yet sufficiently known to the consumer. Recently, the consumers are highly interested in the topics of nutrition, however the information based on scientific research is not available. “Obeliai” canola oil brand team initiated the integrated communications campaign and gave the agency a brief to educate consumers about the benefits of canola oil, change the attitude at baking food and cooking habits.

VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies communication consultants implemented the campaign „Healthy and tasty baking with canola oil“. It has been implemented by developing information material for media in two topics - health and culinary. The famous nutritionists claimed that baked food correspond the principles of balanced nutrition and recommended to use canola oil. The famous chefs gave advises how to make tasty baked food with canola oil. 

The material developed by VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies communication consultants was covered in 70 publications in traditional media. The integrated communication project, which included PR communication tools, has been awarded in the annual conference "Password 2014",  in category of the most efficient medium-budget.
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