16 March 2014

Family weekends in Panorama

What promotes imagination and incites fantasy in the childhood? It is tales. They shape children's values, positive attitudes, helps to understand what kind of behaviour is appropriate and what is not. Latterly, the parents do not have enough time to read tales. Take this into consideration shopping centre Panorama organized several weekend events and invited to dive into the magical creation of Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, while attempting to discover the nuances of sound and movement.
Family weekends in Panorama
SLC Panorama for several years organizes a variety of events for children, but this time Panorama invited families to look deeper at their leisure time. The agency had the task to create an involving and meaningful program, which will be able to attract more families with children to shopping centre on weekends. It was also intended to draw media attention to Panorama, which organizes family-based events with valuable content.
The agency came to an idea and designed a series of events called “... and we lived long and happily”, where the children with the actors revived beloved fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. This world-famous writer in his work conveys values ​​that do not change over the centuries, and the beauty of its stories invites to believe in a happy end.
During the events the fairy-tales “Thumbelina“ and “The Snail and the Rosebush“ were read. An improvisation of the first fairy tale was hosted by famous Lithuanian actor Audrius Bružas and percussionist Tomas Dobrovolskis. During the event, the kids experienced a particular opportunity to try a variety of percussion instruments and voice over the most famous fairy story characters – Thumbelina, Toad, Mole and others. Children were taught to learn the secret of sound and subtle way to express themselves.
The second event was the continuity of the cycle. It was improvisation of the fairy tale “The Snail and the Rosebush“. This performance was hosted by the creative team of actors, performing for children “Teatriukas“ and the mimes. With this event children realized the importance of motion and had the unique opportunity to become the real actors.
Both events were designed with exclusive environment that imitated fairy tale’s ambience, visitors were greeted with instrumental music. In case to hold beautiful memories of these events, parents were able to take DVD record.
The event was covered in 10 publications in the national news portals and print media.
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