21 February 2013

FISKARS: Spring collection presentation 2013

It is important from time to time to change the environment in order not to come up with the routine. This method is suitable for events. For the third year in a row Fiskars gives presentation of garden tools collection which each is always unexpected and fun. This time guests were invited to a real garden – what place would be more suitable to talk about a mattocks and garden scissors?
FISKARS: Spring collection presentation 2013
Every year, Fiskars in Lithuania presents spring garden tool collection. In order to present interesting and not monotonous Fiskars news interestingly and without monotony, as well as to avoid repeated format of the event, new concept of the event is invented. VRP | Hill + Knowlton Strategies' team faced this challenge this year as well - to come up with something new for the third time.

It has been decided to present garden tools with showing their practical usage. Thus, journalists were invited to a garden (greenhouse), in which they could not only theoretically but also in practice to try gardening tools. The practical part of the event was led by famous horticulture specialist Vladimir Eicher-Lorka who told about the spring gardening works, gave practical advices to those who have a garden next to the house.

18 journalists participated in the event. 15 publications in national and specialized media channels appeared after the event.
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