5 December 2010

Discussion on Data Security: Revolutionary Openness to Constant Surveillance (2010)

There was an event of international importance held on 14th-17th of September, 2010, in Vilnius – the worldwide Internet Governance Forum (IGF); within its program a law firm LAWIN organized a discussion on data security and intellectual property.
Discussion on Data Security: Revolutionary Openness to Constant Surveillance (2010)

Before the event took place, the agency was set a task to actualize the subject of the data protection, to encourage a public discussion and to draw attention to the upcoming IGF event.

The main challenge the agency met was to come up with the measures and to implement them in order to transfer this topic from the media, where it is being discussed widely, to the broader public, while there are no major changes or important events in this sector.


Bearing in mind that the problems of data security interfere with many parties (business, regulatory institutions, private individuals), the sector is fast developing and there is no prevailing opinion on how to solve evolving issues, the task force consisting of the agency and LAWIN specialists has chosen a form of a discussion. The invited participants of it represented the State Data Protection Inspectorate, LAWIN and TEO LT.

In order to actualize the event and to evoke greater interest of the media in participating in the discussion, Ilmārs Poikāns (a. k. a. Neo), a Latvian IT expert, was invited to make an appearance via live videoconference from Latvia. Neo has revealed such information as salaries and other rewards of the most prominent Latvian politicians and businessmen in the height of economy crisis. The discussion was hosted by Andrius Tapinas, an author and a host of the Money Generation show on LTV.


During the preparation for a discussion the general stands of the opponents and the main problems in data security had been cleared. That brought sharpness, dynamic and effectiveness to the discussion, and helped making conclusions and finding solutions.

The event took place in the location corresponding with the theme – Northtown Technology Park, which was perfect for ensuring a high quality connection with Latvia during the live video conference.

Presenting the discussion and speeking to the media, the accent was put on the inspiration by an upcoming Global Internet Governance Forum – the event for shining more light on the topics like data security and alike.


The result of the successful cooperation between the agency and LAWIN is a comeback of the subject of data security to the media. There were 11 media representatives attending the event, and around 15 publications and reports were issued in the main channels of the national media. Virtually in all of them the name of LAWIN was mentioned and firm’s position on data security introduced. Most of the publications included references to the Global Internet Governance Forum. Neo became a hero of the day, drawing attention to the trial he was facing and to his opinions on data security. These topics were covered in the media by two publications and reports.

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