15 September 2013

Danske Bank Vilnius marathon 2013

Running fever this year took over Lithuania – different running competitions and preparation for them seems to have been the hottest summer theme. Danske Bank Vilnius Marathon organized for the tenth time is the biggest running event in Lithuania, but the number of participants has never before reached scopes of other international marathons. Thus, the main communication campaign objectives were a record, twice bigger than previous year number of participants.
Danske Bank Vilnius marathon 2013
Danske Bank Vilnius marathon from the beginning formed and is still forming running culture in Lithuania and is the most popular running game in the country. The main marathon organizers’ ambition is to follow the example of other international marathons. This means not only organizing marathons finely, but amounting to them on the number of participants. Major international marathons involve tens of thousands of participants, and in last year's marathon in Vilnius five thousand runners registered. Therefore, this year the goal was set to reach a record number of 10 thousand participants and, thus, get closer to the standards of other international marathons.

At the beginning of the campaign communication actions were aimed at experienced runners. Communication line for professionals was based on preparation for long distances. It included: calendar on the steps of appropriate preparation; success stories and interviews of the previous winners and long-time participants and etc.
During the second period were aimed at those who would choose short distances. Facebook communication, articles with tips, interviews with famous running people, news on the upcoming event – these and other communication tools were invoked to attract inexperienced or non-runners.
The main goal was reached – Danske Bank Vilnius marathon gathered 10.035 participants. VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies published information received 77 publications in various mediums.
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