4 April 2013

„Cortefiel“ fashion show at shopping and leisure mall “Panorama“

Approaching the new spring-summer season, people who care about fashion usually rush to the clothing stores to renew. At spring time in “Panorama“ has been opened 4 clothing stores: “Springfield“, “women'secret“, “Cortefiel“ and “Pedro Del Hierro“.
„Cortefiel“ fashion show at shopping and leisure mall “Panorama“
Client gave a task to introduce new brands and new season’s clothing collection. VRP took the challenge to   organize the event in the shopping centre with involvement of the celebrities to present new collections by themselves.

VRP developed a two-part program, which was attractive for the well-known guests and visitors of the shopping mall. In the first part the attractiveness was created by the famous Lithuanian stars, which became models and presented spring-summer clothes collection of the opened clothing stores. Serving of stylish and gourmet snacks communicated the new brands as well for the guests, Lithuanian celebrities interested in fashion and the style experts. After the event, the new stores were waiting for guests with delighting theatrical performances: a mini pantomime performance and flamenco dancing.

The event attracted special attention - 18 publications appeared in lifestyle web portals and print media.  The event was covered in two video reports on popular shows - "Paparazzi" (Lietuvos rytas TV), "Nuo…Iki” (LNK). 

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