11 December 2012

Canon’s lesson on proper posing and photographing

New devices are interesting when they can try them yourself. That is what journalists were doing while on Canon's new collection presentation event. During it professional photographers and model shared tips on how to shoot and correctly pose in working and everyday situations.
Canon’s lesson on proper posing and photographing
In 2012 new collection of Canon was revealed. Canon had a goal to present its new line to IT, lifestyle and photo journalists during an event.
In order to get the attention of the journalists „VRP | Hill & Knowlton“ has come up with event idea for proper posing and photographing in working and everyday situations. Famous model Gabriele Martirosianaite gave her advises on proper posing. While professional photographers Audrius Solominas and Visvaldas Morkevičius shared insights on how to take the best pictures of chosen object or a person. During the event journalists were able to try out Canon devices and practically adapt heard advices.

After the event 16 publications appeared in biggest news portals as well as fashion and IT portals. Articles were illustrated with photos and video from the event. 
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