6 September 2012

Biotechpharma: a modern center for scientific research and experimental development in Vilnius

Lithuanian progress in the field of biotechnologies and businesses that creates significant external benefits has recently been skyrocketing due to numerous ambitious projects. One of them is the inauguration of “Biotechpharma” the first and only center for scientific research and experimental development in all of Eastern Europe. Consequently, this also means new workplaces, windows of opportunity for scientists, worldwide recognition, benefits for the country’s economy and state of health of society.
Biotechpharma: a modern center for scientific research and experimental development in Vilnius
In the “Biotechpharma” research center, which was built in just 14 months, sophisticated biotech pharmacy operations are carried out: from commissioned scientific expertise to manufacturing experimental preparations for subclinical and clinical research. Investments into the Center exceeded 56 million Litas, of which quite a large portion came from successful absorption of EU funds. The main task for VRP H+K team was organizing an inauguration event of the unique research center with high-rank politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, foreign guests and the media, allowing guests to take a closer look at the sophisticated and important scientific processes taking place in the center, demonstrating the progress of biotechnologies in Lithuania, and emphasizing the windows of opportunity opening for the country’s scientists.

The concept of the Center’s inauguration event combined traditional moments of similar events, such as a ribbon-cutting ceremony, with ideas exclusive to this particular event. This way, the highlight of the night was the opportunity for guests to take a closer look at the premises of the Center, watch its ongoing technological processes, and learn about the activities it carries out. The guests had the pleasure to hear and watch an exclusive saxophone and percussion performance in which the musical instruments where replaced with test-tubes, flasks, and scientific equipment.

About 80 guests attended the Inauguration of the Science Center, including Prime Minister A. Kubilius, Minister of Education and Science G. Steponavičius, Vice-minister of Economy A. Audickas, the Mayor of Vilnius A. Zuokas, and other honorable guests.  After the event over 60 publications and reports were published in national and regional print, television, radio, and the Internet.
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