17 July 2013

Activia hula-hoop record

In 2013 yogurt producer Danone renewed the marketing strategy of its brand Activia. VRP was asked to organize a campaign for the key target group – women, that would reflect the brand‘s new message – Activia helps maintain a suitable rhythm of life.
Activia hula-hoop record
In spring 2013, yogurt producer Danone launched the campaign “Get back to rhythm with Activia!”, encouraging healthier women‘s lifestyle, including nutrition, sports, leisure, and other habits.

The hula-hoop, suggested by VRP, became the Campaign symbol.
Special “Activia hula-hoop workouts“ were created in cooperation with the chain of sports and wellbeing clubs IMPULS.
Specialists (stylist Kęstas Rimdžius, sports trainers) consulted women in the column “Get back to rhythm” that was specially created in  the weekly women‘s magazine “Ji“.
The newly launched Activia Lietuva Facebook profile invited women to not only take interest, but also participate in various contests.
Crowning the Campaign was the first hula hooping record in Lithuania, organized by VRP near the Vilnius Baltasis Bridge.
Rainys to join the photo shoot, who provided bridal dresses for the project.

“Activia hula-hoop workouts” were particularly popular, attended by over 2000 women from all over Lithuania.
The new Facebook page attracted ~2000 fans in less than 2 months.
Over 120 women took part in the hula-hooping record event.
21 publications and 5 TV reports appeared after the record event. 
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