17 March 2016
The goal of this campaign was to raise awareness about thinking and planning for one’s future, as well as strengthen the image of SEB bank as a trusted advisor. To this end a 25-minute-long documentary drama Tomorrow Came Yesterday (TCY) was produced. Locally adjusted versions of the film with well-known experts were shown on major TV channels in 3 Baltic States. Campaign also consisted of TV trailers and media projects to promote the film, TV ads, radio podcasts, media projects, communication on social networks and digital solutions.
Survey showed that documentary drama encouraged people to think about their future and thus achieved its aim.
15 January 2016
The State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy elected the best gastronomic project in Lithuania (under the frames of EDEN project) and invited VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies to implement the communication campaign for the elections.
14 January 2016
There are many arguments invoked in order to encourage people to use payment cards more frequently: a card is a faster, simpler and safer way to pay. However, these arguments are not enough for the topic on payment cards to hit the front pages in the media.
“VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies” has proposed SEB Bank to look at this topic from a slightly different perspective. In collaboration with National Food and Veterinary Risk Assessment Institute, we conducted a bacteriological study of paper banknotes, coins and payment cards. The main goal of this study was to figure out how many bacteria banknotes and other payment tools host.
13 January 2016
Many people consider life insurance to be a perfect mean for accumulating finances for the future. However, how many of us think of risks of critical illnesses and financial reserves when they suddenly come? SEB Life Insurance company has set a goal to educate people about the importance of critical illnesses. “VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies” team implemented a joint project between the client and IMPULS Fitness Clubs – “Sveikatometras”.
23 December 2015
We greet our clients, colleagues, partners and friends on beautiful upcoming holidays and wish that their imagination and creativity bloom throughout the whole year!
10 December 2015
In 2015 “Coca-Cola” celebrated the 100th year anniversary of its iconic Contour bottle with international campaign “Kiss happiness”. “VRP Hill & Knowlton Strategies” team implemented an integrated communications campaign in the Baltics. We made a research about kissing habits of Baltic people and organized various local activities based on it. Activities included: 3D drawing in 3 Baltic capitals, personalized “Coca-Cola” bottles to celebrities, content project in delfi.lt, kissing flashmob, etc.
23 October 2015
Well-known Lithuanian travelers Martynas Starkus and Vytaras Radzevičius had been travelling throughout a variety of events held in different Lithuanian towns and expressing their impressions via TV show “Travel! Acknowledge! Share!” on channel “Lietuvos ryto TV”. The show was arranged implementing the campaign dedicated to promote events held in municipalities of Lithuania. The campaign was administrated by the State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy.
3 July 2015
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies on behalf of Enterprise Lithuania conducted a project ‘Smart Woman’ to promote entrepreneurship among women. The project was highly popular and exceeded all targets. Despite the fact that women account for only one-third of all the employers, their activity in this project showed that they have desire, potential and, after receiving help and guidelines, can create and manage businesses.
2,648 women attended 36 events in Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai, which took place in March-June, 2015, 7611 unique users watched live online events, project participants developed 50 concepts of business ideas, and 19 of them presented them to investors in the finals of the project.
1 July 2015
VRP Hill + Knowlton Strategies conducted the campaign ‘You’ve been just robbed’ to promote the legal use of intellectual property (IP). The campaign took 7 months – from November of 2014 till June of 2015.  It achieved the growth of 3 percent of Lithuanian inhabitants who use IP legally. On average, it takes a year to shift public opinion by 1- 2 percent.
17 March 2015
“VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies” implemented an integrated communication campaign for the promotion of consumption of fruits and vegetables grown in European Union. Global practice of “5 a day” was used for communication of Baltic Agriculture and Business association products in order to change people’s viewpoint and form positive eating habits. 
10 February 2015
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies won the tender to set up a public education campaign about power transmission lines and electromagnetic fields. This campaign was ordered by transmission system operator "Litgrid". The created means of communications let to explain the complicated issues in a simple and attractive way.
14 January 2015
Christmas is one of the holidays most eagerly awaited by Lithuanians. It‘s not surprising that a lot of events and initiatives are carried out beforehand, so the media channels are full of news. Therefore, the leading retail chain Maxima was oriented to exceptional communication while presenting its Christmas novelties. VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies team offered to conduct a representative survey about Lithuanian Christmas traditions. The results were presented at the media event, held in one of the biggest bakery factories of this retailer.
9 January 2015
When we sat down to write about one of our agency’s training programs we did not experience the fear of “a blank paper”. That’s because we already knew how to overcome it. Moreover, we are ready to share this knowledge and help awaken a real writer in you!  Well, at the very least a specialist able to transform his or hers not necessarily consistent thoughts into a coherent and clear text for public communication.  
12 December 2014
In 2014 VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies together with European Parliament Information Office in Lithuania prepared and implemented social media communication campaign for youth. The main goal was to invite youth to participate in 2014 European Parliament elections.
8 December 2014
Integrated home insurance communication campaign Get the feel of it of Lietuvos draudimas, executed by VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies, was evaluated as one of the best projects in appropriate categories in Baltic states and Europe.
19 November 2014
Campaign “Like‘able Lithuania“was a unique project in which the state authority started making inroads into social networks for the first time. This campaign was designed to show that Lithuania is full of possibilities, interesting places and activities, so each visitor will find what to LIKE there. The selected concept introduced Lithuania in a new way which was never used in the public before. In a year the campaign achieved its goal – the number of interactions in social media (likes, shares, comments, usage of applications, etc.) reached more than 1 million. 
15 November 2014
Telecommunications Company “Tele2” started to cooperate with the music streaming service “Deezer” and offered an access to 35 million songs as also a possibility to listen to the music without any limits. Willing to introduce the new services “Tele2” invited media and music representatives to a live music concert.
4 November 2014
Discovery Channel, one of the most popular paid TV channels in the world, invited several journalists from all over the world to the promotion of the new series of a popular show ‘Tethered’ in London. Media representatives had the opportunity to experience what every participant of the show had to go through – to be tethered together with a stranger and complete various tasks. The aim was to reveal the uniqueness of this reality show ­– in order to survive under the extreme conditions together, physical strength is not enough, one has to overcome psychological barriers too.
VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies offered Vidmantas Balkūnas, one of the most prominent Lithuanian photo journalists, to participate in this adventure.  Challenge is not just a word for Vidmantas, he lives to experience them. During his career as a photo journalist, he reported from many hot spots, even during wartime. Therefore, he willingly accepted the invitation to participate in the promotion of ‘Tethered’ organized by Discovery Channel.
27 October 2014
In 2014, a new national program “Lithuanian maximalists” was launched for the promotion of pupils. The country’s most advanced and talented students compete for scholarships established by the company Maxima LT in eight different fields. VRP | Hill+Knowlton Strategies team created and implemented a unique concept of the first scholarship granting event.
22 September 2014
Pedal for health! – with this slogan sports and fitness clubs network Impuls addressed to Vilnius business community suggesting to start working... healthier. For two months companies’ employees had the opportunity to exercise on cardio bikes during the breaks and win a special prize – a full year Impuls sports club membership.
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