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Learn more about the people behind VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies and their versatile experience

VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies

VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies is one of the most experienced PR companies in Lithuania. Established in 1997, about the same time when PR market started to grow in Lithuania, it has participated in the most important PR, business and public life events.

Since 1999 the company Public Relations Projects began to develop various PR services. In 2000 the other strong PR company Taukačikas and Partners joined Public Relations Projects and the main kernel of nowadays company – Viešųjų ryšių partneriai (VRP) - was formed.

In 2000 company’s income from communication consultancy surpassed 1 million LTL. The company started to expand its services and offered media analysis and training services. Another important stage in company's life was reached in 2005, when the rights to represent worldwide PR network Hill & Knowlton were acquired.

International network strengthened the agency by providing advanced working methods, possibilities to collaborate with Hill & Knowlton representatives in Latvia and Estonia, Finland and Germany, Brussels and London, Shanghai and Dubai. At the same time VRP helped Hill & Knowlton to become an absolute PR market leader in the Baltic region.

Developed and strengthened by international experience VRP | Hill & Knowlton sought to build up its competences, therefore after reorganisation in 2006,  specialized units led by experienced account directors started to operate. Currently the company is made of Departments of Corporate Communications, Technologies Communications, Campaigns, Public Sector Communications as well as the Department of Infrastructure Projects Communication and the panel of specialists. This type of structure allows us to better understand the specifics of clients’ business and to make better use of the greatest public relations experience in Lithuania.
In 2011 the agency, along with other marketing and communication agencies has formed a communication companies' group United Agencies.
Taking into consideration changes in the international network, in 2013 the agency was renamed VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies.