We believe that communication both changes the world and helps to keep up with it.
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Department of Infrastructure Projects Communication

Energetics and telecommunications play a vital role in the modern state, business and society. Nowadays, this role is characterized by distinct vulnerability and requires both impeccable proficiency and versatile approach. It is well known that electricity and communication services have become involved in the daily routine of the vast majority of the country’s population. Therefore, all campaigns related to these fields prove successful only when provided with the most careful attention. That is the standpoint which the specialists of the Infrastructure Projects Communication Department base their everyday work on.

Over the years, VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies has obtained rich and versatile experience of working with major energy, transport and communication enterprises. This experience is now employed by the Department team to establish a genuine and lasting dialogue between these companies and their customers. Media relations, corporate communication or negotiations with interest groups - whether we do, we never forget our most important goal: to help our clients express themselves effectively and be heard.